Picture Books

Rosie Thwaites is an English writer and illustrator (although her parents are from the other side of the world). She lives in London with her partner, three children and too many pets (some of whom would like to catch each other!)

Before studying on the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Rosie set-up and managed a free London-wide education programme providing intensive engagement with art for deserving young people, with The Royal Drawing School. Before that, she taught Art in secondary schools.

Rosie's passion is storytelling. She loves crafting stories which take children on exciting, emotional journeys, where, almost without realising, they encounter and explore ideas about human-nature and the world around them.

Rosie also writes and creates content for children’s television and for education clients such as museums, galleries, and schools.

When she was 20 she attempted to train as a Beijing Opera performer. However, she only got as far as learning how to spin two (blunt) knives into the air and catch them.