Publication Day for Quintin Jardine & Last Resort

Happy Publication Day to Quintin Jardine as Last Resort, the twenty-fifth novel in his ever-popular Bob Skinner series, hits bookshelves today!

Last Resort sees the Edinburgh cop back as never before!  After thirty years of service, former Chief Constable Bob Skinner faces the possible end of his police career, at its pinnacle.

A quiet trip to Catalunya to contemplate his future soon takes on a different flavour when Skinner is approached by an old friend, media owner Xavier Aislado, with an unusual request. One of his business’s brightest talents, Hector Sureda Roca, has vanished without a trace. Now it’s up to Skinner to track him down.

But as he conducts his search it soon becomes clear that another manhunt is also in progress, and that he himself is the target.

While his daughter Alex fights that battle on the home front, his search for Sureda takes one sinister turn after another, until he is faced with the toughest question of all. Is natural justice sometimes the only answer?

To find out more about Last Resort and what’s next for the Bob Skinner series, take a look at Quintin’s latest vlog below.