Rave Review for Where Bear? From The Illustrated Forest

We don’t like to brag, BUT… we just had to share the latest rave review for Sophy Henn’s  Where Bear? from The Illustrated Forest!

Here’s a little snapshot of all the bearilliant things they had to say…

On the text;

Henn’s text is exceptional.  It elevates what could have been a very pretty book to a great picture book; the humour is derived from the questions the text poses and the answers the illustrations provide; it has that perfect marriage we all look for in picture books and it’s so exciting to find.

On the illustrations;

Henn’s illustrations are bold yet elegant and completely unique, and her colour palette echoes this.  Modern and sumptuous, her striking colours look wonderful printed as they are on matte paper.

On Bear;

The bear is a lovely character, cute as can be as a cub; fully grown his heavy tummy is as round as his eyes and he is utterly adorable

On Boy;

There’s a tenderness to the way the small boy, calm under pressure, completely practical and level-headed, is the perfect foil to his much bigger, worried friend

On the book;

Great fun to read aloud and a genuine pleasure, Where Bear? is sure to find a home on many a bookshelf and in many a heart.

For those of you who haven’t got your paws on a copy of Where Bear? yet, here’s a little teaser for you;

‘Once there was a bear cub…who lived with a little boy.’  But what happens when that bear cub becomes a fully grown bear?  He’s going to have to find somewhere else to live…but where?

Where Bear? is available here and you can find out more about Sophy and all the wonderful things she’s working on by following her @sophyhenn