Sarah Cruddas’s The Space Race is actually in Space!

Sometimes you have a good idea of what your week is going to bring, and sometimes you have a week like this.

THE SPACE RACE: THE JOURNEY TO THE MOON AND BEYOND by broadcaster, journalist and space expert Sarah Cruddas, is in space!

Here’s the book, in Space… just floating around… in actual Space!

Reaching new heights of publication day excitement, Sarah’s new children’s non-fiction book was attached to a space balloon filled with helium and became the first British Children’s Book in history to travel to space!

Published today by DK to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing, The Space Race is an inspirational book for children, which looks at the history of space and how humans went from dreaming of space to walking on the Moon. From the first humans to travel to space, to life after Apollo 11 and future missions, this book takes readers through the entire history of space travel and beyond.

Author Sarah Cruddas says; “Often space can seem so remote, but actually it is within our reach. To see my book The Space Race launch to space is a dream come true. I hope to inspire many young readers that they too can reach for the stars and do the same journey – travelling so high up that they can see the curvature of the Earth and just how fragile our planet really is.”

The extraordinary launch also saw astronaut Eileen Collins (writer of the book’s foreword) return to space in literary form.  The veteran Space Shuttle commander was the first woman to not only fly the Space Shuttle, but also to command a US space mission. 

Sarah adds; “The generation who read this book are the generation who will walk on Mars, I hope seeing The Space Race travel to space helps inspire and encourage children of all ages to follow their dreams. We are truly living in a space age, and the best is yet to come.”

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