Sir Boris the Brave is out today!

Many congratulations to Sir Boris the Brave, who is here to rescue August and beyond from boring stories!

Sir Boris the Brave is the boldest, bravest and busiest Knight in all the land. He’s always busy despatching dragons, jousting with giants and toppling trolls.

Sir Boris is busy removing a particularly pongy piece of goblin poo from his shoes when an urgent message arrives from Princess Tilly Talltales. It’s an emergency (according to Tilly) and she needs rescued.

Has Sir Boris met his match in this mischievous princess?

Illustrated by our own wonderful Becka Moor, this is a lovely tale of silliness and crying wolf accompanied by your very own press-out sword and shield, so that you can be as brave as Sir Boris too!

You can get your own copy of Sir Boris the Brave here . . .

and you can stay up to date with Becka and all her work on Twitter @BeckaMoor