The It Girl on Amazon Kindle Daily Deal Today!

Katy Birchall’s hilarious The It Girl is on Amazon Kindle Daily Deal today!

 “Geek Girl meets Notting Hill in Katy Birchall’s sparkling debut.  Central character Anna is a lovable dork:  the school misfit, she’s given to spontaneous tap-dancing, accidentally sets fire to the hair of the most popular girl in the school’s best friend, and usually confides in Dog, her Labrador.” Love Reading 4 Kids

“Katy Birchall’s debut YA novel is a great mix of humour and heart, which is usually my favourite kind of British fiction. Anna made me laugh throughout the book, whether it be because of the situations she gets herself into or the daft thoughts running through her head, and she’s a worthy, lighthearted teen heroine for the John Green generation.” Wondrous Reads

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And if you want even more LOLs you can buy Katy’s sparkling follow-up book Team Awkward here!

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