Today is an animal publishing bonanza!

Today’s exciting books being published by BLM authors are all about the animals. They have a combined number of 30 legs… 3 animal friends… 2 animal NOT friends… and 2 awesome arachnids….and one sea monster, just for good measure.

First up is the adorable Duck & Pengin are NOT Friends by the fantastically talented Julia Woolf, author of beloved Giraffe on a Bicycle and Lazy Cat, and it’s publised by Andersen Press.

Betty and Maud are the best of friends, and so surely their stuffed toys are too! But despite what Betty and Maud might think, Duck and Penguin are definitely NOT friends. They do not want to swing together, they do not want to cook together, and they certainly DO NOT want to play baby dolls together…

A side-splitting insight into the secret world of toys, from former Dreamworks animator and illustrator Julia Woolf.

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Our second book out today, but our first arachnid-tastic title is Megan Brewis’s There’s a Spider in my Soup! Published by OUP, it’s another wonderful animal story from the author illustrator of last year’s Steve, Terror of the Seas!

Little Spider loves swinging from her web, in spite of the fact that Mum and Dad Spider warn her against it. But when swinging lands her in the soup, it’s an opportunity to make new friends and do something adventurous that the whole family can enjoy!

A playful story featuring Megan Brewis’ distinctive voice and artwork with positive messages around breaking down all kinds of barriers (even if it does mean breaking the rules . . . and the web).

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Our third book is all about a slightly less well-known and by no means less-maligned animal friend, is the wonderful Alex Latimer’s Lula and the Sea Monster. Published by OUP, it’s a heatwarming and environmental consicous story of friendship and collaboration.

Lula lives in a house next to the beach with her family. When they must leave their home to make way for a highway, Lula is desperate to protect the beach and its wildlife, but how will a small girl like her be able to do it? A chance encounter with a magical creature changes everything . . .

A beautiful picture book about the relationship between humans and nature, celebrating the power that children have and how they can make a difference.

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And our final eight-legged friend joining us today is Milton The Mighty! Written by Bath Spa award nominee and champion of spiders everywhere, Emma Read, it’s a brand new debut published by Chicken House and illustrated by the amazingly talented Alex G. Griffiths!

The first book in a fresh, funny new series for readers aged 7+, illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths!

When little spider Milton discovers he’s been branded deadly on social media – and is targeted by pest-killers BugKILL – he fears for his life and the future of his species. Alongside his BFFs, big hairy Ralph and spindly daddy-long-legs Audrey, he searches for a way to clear his name. But to succeed, Milton realises he must communicate with his house humans, a schoolgirl called Zoe – and her arachnophobic dad. Is he mighty enough to achieve the impossible?

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