Windsor Festival Presents Michael Dobbs For His Most Recent Release “A Ghost at the Door” – Thur 26th Sep

Internationally best selling author Lord Michael Dobbs is making the rounds for his latest release “The Ghost at the Door”. His next literary talk will take place at the Guildhall in Windsor, where guests will have the opportunity to meet the man behind the Harry Jones thrillers. Find out what inspires a writer whose impeccable research and contacts always provide true authenticity to the exciting backdrops of his novels.

The event will take place at 7.00 PM Thursday, 26th September 2013 at Guildhall, Windsor.

“A thriller that is both nightmare vision and timely warning”

– Financial Times

“Dobbs was clearly put on this Earth to write thrillers of the most shamelessly page-turning quality”

– Daily Express

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Also, just a small reminder that Dobbs will be talking at Grosvenor House, hosted by the Literati Book Club, TOMORROW!