Rory Jeffers

Rory Jeffers is a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and creative director who is proud to be able to draw on over 20 years experience of delivering high-end creative solutions throughout the UK, Ireland and the world. During this time he has worked with many high profile clients including HarperCollins, Penguin, (RED), Guinness, and projects for Her Majesty the Queen of England. In this time he has worked in the world of picture books with his younger brother Oliver Jeffers bringing a designers eye to Oliver’s award-winning books.

Rory is also co-founder of the art collective OAR. OAR exhibitions include ‘9 days in Belfast’, ‘Book’ and the award-winning ‘Building’. OAR is a collaborative of four like-minded artists, co-founded by Oliver Jeffers and Rory Jeffers. It includes New York-based Mac Premo and Duke Riley.

Rory is not open to submissions at the time