Michael Dobbs

Agent: Paul Moreton    

Michael Dobbs has never had a proper job - and now he’s a member of the House of Lords as Lord Dobbs of Wylye, perhaps he never will…He’s spent too much of his life hanging around all the wrong places at interesting times. He was with Margaret Thatcher when she took her first steps into Downing Street as Prime Minister, and he was there again with John Major when he was kicked out. In between he got bombed in Brighton and banished from Chequers (after a row with Maggie), he helped win a few elections and in the quieter moments wrote a book called House of Cards.

Born in 1948 on the same day as Prince Charles, Michael was Chief of Staff and later Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. And somewhere along the way he managed to pick up a doctorate in nuclear defence studies. Yet it is as an author that he has gained most plaudits. After creating the iconic figure of Francis Urquhart he has gone on to write books about Prime Ministers, Kings and the Dalai Lama. He also wrote a series of novels about Winston Churchill that had the critics falling over themselves in praise. Now he’s created the most dangerous character of his career, Harry Jones. As the Financial Times said, “think Die Hard with a stiff upper lip.”