Annie Frost Nicholson

Agent: Jo Bell

Annie Frost Nicholson is a London-based author and multidisciplinary artist whose work seeks to smash taboos around the nuanced complexities of the human condition. Through a curious, colourful, and considered lens, Frost Nicholson’s practice looks at what it means to be alive, and her preoccupation with life, death, grief and all their permeations follows her own devastating loss of family members twelve years ago, at the age of twenty-seven.

Annie’s new book Notes on Survival is an ode to life, a love letter. Taking the reader on the non-liner journey that is grief, through the many twists and turns of what it means to have the exquisite pain of loss run through your being. Solutions are neither prescribed nor offered but suggestions for integrating grief, making it a part of you, and growing with it, bringing the past with us as we learn to live well with loss. Notes on Survival is on submission.

Photo by Tara Darby.