Milly Evans

Agent: Lauren Gardner

Milly Evans is a journalist and sex educator who has been campaigning for a more inclusive and comprehensive sex-education curriculum since 2016. They have worked as an editor for Patient and have helped with Brook and the Terrence Higgins Trust as well as being involved with Stonewall and UNESCO. Milly grew up in a sex-positive household with parents who work in the sex toy industry: in her words, ‘in a house where it was easier to find a condom than a pen.’

Milly’s debut non-fiction title, HONEST: Everything They Don’t Tell You About Sex, Relationships and Bodies is a fresh and much-needed guide for young people written in a peer-to-peer tone and was published by Hot Key Books in June 2022. With Milly’s relatable and authentic voice, curated content from sex-positive activists and inspirational figures, and striking black and white illustrations from artist Lucia Picerno, HONEST will be the go-to book on sex for 21st century teenagers.