Michelle McGagh’s No Spend Year to publish with Coronet

We are delighted to see announced that Michelle McGagh will be publishing a book of her No Spend Year with Coronet! Read the full press release in the Bookseller here.

Michelle McGagh is a freelance personal finance journalist. She has been writing about money for over a decade for titles including The Guardian, City Wire, AOL and Money Observer, as well as regular TV appearances as a financial commentator.

After ignoring her own finances for years, the shock of her own spending habits made Michelle make some drastic decisions. First, she discovered minimalism and sold 80% of her belongings, and then she boldly entered into a year-long spending ban. The No Spend Year is the story of Michelle’s discovery of how we spend, how we can spend better, and how we can not spend at all.

Here’s what Michelle had to say:

I want to break the taboo around money so I’m putting my hand up and admitting I need to sort my finances out. I know I’m not alone, so I wrote the No Spend Year to help those who are scared of their credit card bill, don’t know what a pension is and think saving is too hard. This book aims to demystify money, encourage people to save, and importantly think about their spending habits.

Published in January 2017 by Coronet, there will also be an accompanying app which incorporates “fun saving challenges” into budget planning.

To find out more about Michelle, you can read her blog series for The Guardian, or her personal blog The London Minimalists where she writes more widely on living a minimalist life. You can also follow her on twitter @mmcgagh.