Out October 2017! Lagom: The Swedish Art of Eating Harmoniously

We are delighted to see the upcoming publication of Lagom: The Swedish Art of Eating Harmoniously announced in The Bookseller!

Lagom: n. just the right amount, balanced, harmonious.

This is the debut cookbook from the supremely talented Swedish cookery writer and food stylist Steffi Knowles-Dellner:

This beautiful, fresh cookbook offers genuine insight into how Swedes eat and cook with recipes that fit around the seasons, occasions, times of day, and appetite. Eating and cooking in tune with ‘lagom’ means embracing food that is good for body and soul, unfussy, delicious and sustaining, and all in harmony.

Published by Quadrille, you can pre-order your very own copy of Lagom here

… and to find out more about Steffi, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @alwayssohungry!