Double The Fun for Where Bear? and Pom Pom Gets The Grumps

‘It’s double the fun and celebrations for Sophy Henn today as her latest picture book Pom Pom Gets The Grumps is published along with the paperback edition of her debut picture book Where Bear?

But who exactly is Pom Pom and why is he so very grumpy?


‘When Pom Pom Panda wakes up in a BAD mood one morning, nothing is right. And then things go from bad to worse. A fresh and funny new take on toddler tantrums, that will strike a chord with parents and young children alike!’

For those of you who haven’t yet figured out where bear needs to be, you might want to get your paws on the paperback edition of Where Bear? faster than you can say honeypot!

where bear

‘Once there was a bear cub…who lived with a little boy.  But what happens when that bear cub becomes a fully grown bear?  He’s going to have to find somewhere else to live…but where?’

With the second book in the Pom Pom series due for publication this autumn, we can’t wait to see what Sophy has in store for our favourite grumpy panda cub in Pom Pom The Champion!