Jamie Cass

Agent: John Baker     Agent: Julie Gourinchas    

Jamie Cass is a historical fantasy writer from Oxford, England. Mad about fantasy, science-fiction, and crime, he can usually be found re-reading books he’s already read or trying to persuade people to play complex board games with him. A massive lover of the outdoors, he likes nothing more than sitting on a bench in a new place with a book in hand.

Jamie worked as a Waterstones bookseller for several years before becoming a teacher. He now teaches history in a secondary school while writing on the side. His current novel, Starfall, involves magic, monsters, romance and Oxford – what more could you want!?

As a writer and a reader, Jamie loves books from all walks of life, but is currently obsessed with gritty, dark urban fantasies. His hope is to tell real stories about love, loss and courage through a magical lens.