Quintin Jardine

Agent: Jo Bell    

Quintin Jardine is the author of three much-acclaimed and best-selling series of detective novels: Bob Skinner, Oz Blackstone and Primavera Blackstone.

QJ is a crusty but urbane Scot, in his prime, and done with disclosing his age. He was born in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, and educated there and in Glasgow, where he studied snooker and, in his leisure moments, law, at what was then the city’s only University. After deciding that he would never reach professional status in either discipline, he looked towards a broader horizon. He enjoyed, most of the time, a wholly unplanned, but eventful career as a journalist, govenment information officer, political spin-doctor and media relations consultant, before deciding to find a job that was more in touch with reality. Thus he took to the creation of crime fiction like a trident-loaded nuclear submarine to water.