Sam K. Horton

Agent: Julie Gourinchas     Agent: John Baker    

An author of literary fantasy, Sam lives above the moor in North Cornwall, and draws on its wild landscape, wide skies, and windblown folklore for his work.

Growing up on a sheep farm near Hereford, he left for London and trained as a costume designer working in film, theatre and opera before moving into visual art, still working with narratives, texts and stories. It was during his last project, surrounding the discovery and development of Eythin (an island lost off the coast of Cornwall, halfway between Boscastle and the Celtic Deep) that he found his talent for writing rich, detailed mythic worlds. This came as a surprise—despite a lifelong love of reading anything within reach, and over a decade working in libraries—but a welcome one.

John Baker and Julie Gourinchas have sold UK and British Commonwealth English language rights for Sam’s debut historical fantasy GORSE and its sequel RAGWORT to Amy Borsuk at Solaris! Gorse will be published in autumn 2024.

Described as “Poldark” meets The Bear and the Nightingale (Del Rey), the upcoming titles focus on the battle between folk belief and religion in 18th-century Cornwall.

The synopsis reads:

“Pelagius Hunt – a Keeper responsible for mediating between the worlds of men and fey – and his one-time friend Revered Cleaver battle for the village of Mirecoombe’s soul as death stalks the moor. Only Pel’s ward, changeling Nancy Bligh, can unroot the darkness threatening to swallow them all.”