It’s time to visit the Island of Wonders!

After the publication of critically respected Ariki and the Giant Shark earlier in the year, it’s a perfect time for another tropical adventure with Ariki and Ipo. As equally wonderful as it’s predecessor, Ariki and the Island of Wonders is written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by our own Nicola Kinnear.

After getting lost at sea in a tropical storm, Ariki and Ipo discover an uncharted island and have a great adventure in the second book of the Ariki series.

Ariki and Ipo are making the most of a beautiful day, sailing the sea near Turtle Island on a “borrowed” boat. They’re too busy daydreaming to spot the grey clouds gathering overhead – but then a terrible storm breaks, carrying them miles from home. After days without food or drink, they are washed up on an unfamiliar island. The island is beautiful beyond belief: they see butterflies, each one lovelier than the last, lizards chasing across the rocks and, most wonderful of all, a gigantic blue bird with eyes that glow purple. When they meet another castaway, however, the children discover this island is no paradise – there are dangers lurking in the shadows! A nail-biting adventure with a strong message about endangered animals and human intervention, and a wonderful partner to Ariki and the Giant Shark.

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