Be Climate Clever by teenage activists Amy and Ella Meek has sold to DK!


We are so excited to announce that Lauren Gardner has sold world rights for Be Climate Clever by teenage activists and Pride of Britain award-winners Amy and Ella Meek to Sarah Larter, publishing director at DK! The book will publish in April 2022.

“A brilliant, frank and informative book about climate change, its cause, and its effects that everyone should read” adding: “There are interviews with leading voices in conservation about the climate crisis, practical tips for personal actions and how readers can challenge people of power to enact change, all delivered with a hopeful message throughout. These wonderful teenage activists represent the new generation of young climate activists who are challenging the norms and changing them for the better.”

Amy and Ella, aged 18 and 16 respectively, are motivational speakers. Their charity Kids Against Plastic started as a school project and has grown into an award-winning organisation which encourages children, politicians and business owners to think about plastic in a “clever” way. They won the Green Champion award at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards which aired on ITV yesterday (4th November).

Larter said:

“We are delighted to be publishing our second book with Amy and Ella Meek, who founded Kids Against Plastic – their passion for protecting our environment and their optimistic approach to what we can all do to help this cause is inspirational.”

Amy Meek added:

“I’m thrilled to be working with the team at DK again for Be Climate Clever. I really hope that the book can help more kids to access the issue of climate change, and see the huge role that they can have in addressing it. I truly believe that we’re never too young to learn about climate change as long as it is presented in the correct way — hopefully, Be Climate Clever will do just that.”