Cover reveal for Sleep Better Baby by The Sleep Mums!


​We are thrilled to share the cover reveal for Sleep Better Baby by The Sleep Mums (Cat Cubie and Sarah Carpenter)!

With honest support and real solutions, this book will arm you with the confidence and tools to see you through the long nights of your baby’s short years.

The Sleep Mums are here to empower parents with the skills and confidence to know what to do to help their baby sleep from the very beginning, but also what to do when it all goes tits up. Parenting sleep advice is often divided into two camps, quietly rolling eyes at each other. Most parents fall in the middle, like we do, they just want to do what works. The Sleep Mums book is for all parents. They don’t dictate that you need to be a certain kind of parent (or have a certain kind of child) for your baby to sleep. Unlike many other sleep books, The Sleep Mums uniquely look at a 24-hour period, not just day or night sleep, and their schedules and routines are hackable because as anyone with a baby knows, life is different every day!

The Sleep Mums believe that parenting books should support, not alienate. With zero judgement, tried-and-tested guidance, and a friendly and accessible tone, Cat and Sarah speak expert AND parent! Including the science behind sleep; your essential sleep toolkit; ‘crib notes’, and sleep schedules. This is the only baby (and parent!) sleep book worth having.