Instagram superstar Five Minute Mum’s next two books have sold to Penguin Random House Children’s UK!


We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Lauren Gardner has sold World rights for two new books from parenting Instagram star, Daisy Upton, also known as Five Minute Mum, to Holly Harris, former Editorial Director at Penguin Random House Children’s.

The amazing Daisy Upton is known for creating easy and fun activities for guilt free parenting, all of which take just five minutes to set up and five minutes to tidy up, and make use of objects and materials easily accessed from any household. Utilising her experience as a Teaching Assistant in the classroom, the activities within her books incorporate building key skills and learning in a fun and engaging way.

The two new books include: Five Minute Mum: Time For School and Five Minute Mum: On The Go will be published in 2021, following the success of Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five, which has now sold an incredible 54,700 copies through TCM, as well as sold German, Russian and simplified Chinese rights globally!

Five Minute Mum: Time For School will be published on 15th April 2021 and aims to prepare children for school and support their learning through the early school years. Publishing just in time for when school placements are confirmed, the book is a bridge between parents and teachers, helping parents to understand what teachers are expecting of pupils and ways they can support at from home through simple play ideas. All the games incorporate the curriculum, with content covering reading, writing, maths and many other useful tips and advice, making this the perfect home-learning companion.

Five Minute Mum: On The Go will publish on 25th June 2021 and is bursting with games to keep little ones entertained on long journeys, holidays and in big groups. Each game will take just five minutes to set up and pack away, and will require minimal items to play. This book will be in a smaller travel sized format, making it easy to pack and take away.

Ruth Knowles, Puffin Publisher at Penguin Random House Children’s, said:

Daisy and her books have never been more needed by those with small children in their lives. As the amazing success of Daisy’s first book, Give Me Five, and her ever-growing Instagram platform show, her creative, fun and simple-to-set-up, five-minute ideas are connecting authentically with children, parents and carers all over the world. I – and everyone at Penguin Children’s – are delighted to be working with Daisy on these two new books. I’m confident they will be a huge support to those who have children taking their first steps into the classroom, and on their well-deserved holidays and staycations next year.

Daisy Upton, author and Instagram superstar said:

I am really excited to be writing two new books. The messages and photos I’ve had since the first book came out have been incredible and bring me such joy. I especially like the photos of grinning parents having a cuppa while their kids happily play one of my games in the background. I know over lockdown lots of people feel like they ‘completed’ my first book, which made me laugh, so I’m thrilled to be able to get more of my ideas out there as soon as I can!

Lauren Gardner, one of our brillant agents, said:

Daisy and Give Me Five have been a lifesaving companion for so many parents and carers during these unprecedented times. I’m so delighted that Penguin UK and Daisy are partnering once again for two new books, that will continue to support and encourage parents and their little ones to learn and play together, as the world starts to open back up again.

Both of these books are now available to pre-order:

Time For School

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On The Go

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