Agnes Monod-Gayraud and Lorna White

Agent: Lorna Hemingway

Agnes Monod-Gayraud is an author and translator, with a focus on non-fiction titles rooted in science, nature, art and foklore. Winner of the 2017 Educational Writers' Award from the UK’s Society of Authors for The Book of Bees (Thames and Hudson/Abrams). Language editor for the Astronomy & Astrophysics academic journal, based at the Paris Observatory. Holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature/Psychology from New York University and an M.A. in Cultural Studies from the University of Warsaw. A native New Yorker, she currently lives with her family in London.

Lorna White is a copywriter and writer with a degree in Greek and Roman studies from the University of Exeter. Fascinated by all things mystical, she draws her inspiration from the Greek and Roman myths as well as folklore from across the globe. Half-French, half-English, she grew up flitting between the two nations. Today, she lives in London with her husband and two daughters and their rabbit, Candy.

Together, Agnes and Lorna are writing their first children’s picture book with a ‘folkloric non-fiction’ theme.