Anna Mathur

Agent: Lauren Gardner

Anna is an experienced Psychotherapist and a mother of 3. She is passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room. Anna empowers people to utilise simple techniques that will help them reframe the way that they think. The most powerful thing about the way she speaks and writes, aren’t the letters after her name, but the way in which she weaves her own experience through her writing.

Anna’s debut non-fiction book Mind Over Mother: Every Mum’s Guide to worry and anxiety in the fist year was published in Spring 2020 by Piatkus, Little, Brown and instantly became a Sunday Times Best Seller!

Mind Over Mother is full of light bulb moments of realisation. It will have you learning, laughing and loving yourself through the journey of motherhood. You will learn to address the most important conversation you’ll ever have - the one inside your head, because investing in your mental health is the best gift you can offer yourself and your baby.

Reviews for Mind Over Mother:

‘With conversations on Maternal Mental Health on the rise, and more women speaking up about the way they feel, Anna Mathur’s insight as a psychotherapist AND mother make her someone you feel you can trust. She offers little nuggets of gold while reminding us to point some of our kindness and love inwards.’ Giovanna Fletcher, bestselling author of Happy Mum, Happy Baby

‘Anna is breath of fresh air - relatable, funny and wise’ Sarah Turner, bestselling author of The Unmumsy Mum

Anna has now written a second non-fiction book, Know Your Worth: How to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what people think, and it was published by Poatkus, Little, Brown in May 2021!