Out Today: Exciting New Board Book Series by Sophy Henn!

We are delighted to see the publication of two gorgeous board books, Playtime with Ted and Bedtime with Ted, which are the first two titles in a brand new series by the wonderful Sophy Henn.

Playtime, Ted! Ted isn’t sitting in a box, he’s whizzing along in his racing car. Broooom broooom brooom! Or digging a hole in his digger. Dig dig dig! Or exploring the oceans in his submarine. Bloop bloop bloop!

It’s time for bed, Ted! But Ted is busy. He’s brush, brush brushing his teeth with a crocodile! And splish splosh splashing with penguins in the bath. And jump, jump, jumping out his fidgets with a kangaroo …

Published by Bloomsbury, these sturdy and stunning books are filled with bright illustrations, interactive flaps, and feature a host of fun new characters, all of which make these stories a joy to read.

Click on the links to buy your very own copies of Playtime with Ted and Bedtime with Ted …

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