Picture Books

Chantelle and Burgen Thorne

Download Portfolio (PDF) /Agent: Paul Moreton

Chantelle and Burgen have illustrated 7 children’s books in the last 2 years, won the Readers’ Favourite Gold Medal for ‘The Real Farmer in the Dell’ (2019) and illustrated Jacana Media’s fastest selling children’s book ‘Wanda’ (2019). They are currently working on 3 new books due for release in 2021 and plotting their first book as author/illustrators.

Titles include Stan’s Frightful Halloween (Spork, 2020), Kantiga finds the Perfect Name (Jacana, 2020), Speedy Monkey (Stripes, 2019), The Real Farmer in the Dell (Spork, 2019), Wanda (Jacana, 2019), Mommy Loves You (Imagine That, 2019), The Singing Stone (Jacana, 2018)

Clients include Stripes, Jacana, Macmillan, Hodder, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, Imagine That, Spork.