Picture Books

Paul Delaney likes to draw pictures, scribble ideas for stories, make stuff look nice on a page and brighten people’s day. Luckily he gets to do all these things as a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker.

Since graduating in 2006 with an Honours Degree in Visual Communications, Paul has been creating brand identities and crafting creative visual communication for businesses in Ireland and abroad. His award-winning design studio, Magnetic, is a busy hive of creativity, collaboration, imagination, coffee and power naps.

Paul had always considered his love of picture books as nothing more than a quirky pastime. But eventually his passion for the art-form, the rather impressive stack of children’s books at his bedside and his dog-eared notebooks filled with doodles and ideas helped Paul to make an important decision. In 2019 he returned to University to study for a Masters Degree in illustration. Since graduating with a distinction in 2021, Paul has been working hard but very happily on pivoting his career towards being a freelance illustrator and picture book maker.

Paul’s illustration work combines his love of graphic shapes, quirky characters, animals, textures, typography, words and whimsy. They are sweet and good natured with nice, healthy sprinklings of anarchy. A little bit like their creator.