Avril McDonald

Avril Mcdonald

Avril McDonald grew up in New Zealand, trained as a primary school teacher then worked really hard to become a Managing Director of a Digital Entertainment Company in London and became a mum.

She specialises in transforming ideas into reality and making them thrive. Right now she’s transforming ideas that have great meaning to her and a positive sustainable impact on our world.

A desire to create beautiful characters and stories that help kids manage tough emotions and feel brave (because we all have to be a little brave sometimes) led her to develop www.feelbrave.com and continue on the delightful yet challenging (and at times emotional) journey of bringing it to life along with an exciting charitable arm www.friendsoffeelbrave.com which has the vision ‘To give all children access to tools to help them manage tough emotions and reach their true potential’.

Avril has written and developed a series of six children’s books (five children’s books and a teacher’s accompanying book) to help tackle personal, social and emotional development in children, all published by Crown House in April 2016. Book 1 The Wolf is Not Invited, Book 2 The Grand Wolf, Book 3 The Wolf and the Shadow Monster, Book 4 The Wolf and the Baby Dragon, and Book 5 The Wolf’s Colourful Coat, are illustrated by Tatiana Minina. The “Feel Brave” App is now live and available for download on iOS and Android.