Congratulations to Pooja Puri and The Jungle

Many congratulations to Pooja Puri and her wonderful book The Jungle, which has been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2018.

There was a story Jahir used to tell me. About how the first humans were born with wings. Can you imagine what that would be like? To fly anywhere in the world without worrying about having the right papers?

Mico has left his family, his home, his future. Setting out in search of a better life, he instead finds himself navigating one of the world’s most inhospitable environments the Jungle. For Mico, just one of many ‘unaccompanied children’, the Calais refugee camp has a wildness, a brutality all of its own.

A melting pot of characters, cultures, and stories, the Jungle often seems like its own strange world. But despite his ambitions to escape, Mico is unable to buy his way out from the ‘Ghost Men’ the dangerous men with magic who can cross borders unnoticed. Alone, desperate, and running out of options, the idea of jumping onto a speeding train to the UK begins to feel worryingly appealing.

But when Leila arrives at the camp one day, everything starts to change. Outspoken, gutsy, and fearless, she shows Mico that hope and friendship can grow in the most unusual places, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll show you the way out as well.

The Jungle is the moving and beautiful story of Leila and Mico, and is sure to be a thought-provoking read for older children, teenagers and adults alike.

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Congratulations to Helena Duggan and A Place Called Perfect

A Place Called Perfect has been shortlisted for the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards, and we’re so thrilled that Helena Duggan has been recognised in this way for her fantastic writing and wonderful story.

Violet never wanted to move to Perfect. Who wants to live in a town where everyone has to wear glasses to stop them going blind? And who wants to be perfectly behaved all the time? Violet quickly discovers there’s something weird going on, and when she meets Boy she realizes that the mysterious Watchers are guarding a perfectly creepy secret!

Irish readers can cast their vote for any of the categories in theIrish Book Awards here.

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner and ceremony in Dublin on Tuesday 28th November. We’re wishing everything goes, well, perfectly, for Helena and A Place Called Perfect!

Happy publication day to Joanna Rowsell Shand and Full Circle

Many congratulations to Jo Rowsell Shand on the publication of her autobiography, Full Circle.

When Joanna Rowsell Shand, then fourteen, decided to take on a challenge set when British Cycling visited her school, she didn’t realise the decision would change her life. In fact, she mainly wanted to escape a double maths lesson. As it turned out, Jo’s power output was off the chart – the highest ever recorded for a girl her age – and she was quickly talent-spotted for the youth development squad. But the journey to her eventual status as a setter of multiple world records and a double Olympic champion was by no means plain sailing. With no cycling experience, Jo started well behind her peers, who had been prepped for life on a bike since their infancy.

In addition, Jo was – and remains – a very shy girl, not least because of her condition, alopecia, which took her hair at just ten years old. This is the story of how she battled her self-doubt, as well as the judgement, and even ridicule, of people around her, to become one of the most successful and respected athletes of her era. All of which she did without compromising any of the essential good-heartedness and optimism that characterise her.

Candid, poignant and written with characteristic honesty and self-deprecating wit, this is a story of grit, determination and triumph over adversity that will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired.

Full Circle is a fantastic story of what you can achieve with self-belief and determination, and remaining kind even in one of the most competitive sports in the world.

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A very exciting cover reveal!

We are delighted to be able to reveal the cover for Alesha Dixon’s debut children’s book, Lightning Girl!

10-year-old Aurora Beam lives at home with her utterly unremarkable family… until the day she sees her little sister being picked on in the playground and suddenly beams of light shoot out of her fingers! It’s time for her parents to drop a life-changing bombshell. Mum is a secret superhero, fighting crime across the globe while Dad looks after the kids at home. As Aurora’s own powers come into play, will she be able to balance her new super skills training with school? Will she be able to keep it all a secret from her friends? And when her mum’s evil twin pops up, will Aurora think that being a super VILLAIN might be more fun…?

We’re so excited for everyone to meet Aurora Beam when Lightning Girl comes out next year.

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