Alesha Dixon continues the magic with new series, STAR SWITCH!

We are over the moon that yesterday, the same day as the latest in Alesha Dixon’s bestselling middle-grade debut series, LIGHTNING GIRL, publishes, Scholastic UK announced further publishing with the popular TV star, singer and author.

Lauren Gardner sold a two-book world rights deal to Scholastic UK Editorial Director Lauren Fortune. The books will be written in collaboration with our own wonder-author Katy Birchall, continuing the fantastic partnership they had on the LIGHTNING GIRL series.

LIGHTNING GIRL was a top five children’s fiction bestseller on release and became the bestselling middle grade debut of 2018. Sales of the series stand at 65,000 copies through TCM in just 14 months. The fourth book – LIGHTNING GIRL: SUPERPOWER SHOWDOWN – was published yesterday with a campaign including extensive national broadcast and press coverage. 

STAR SWITCH is a novel for young teens that sees the world’s number one pop star swap bodies with her number one fan. What could possibly go wrong?

Naomi is the biggest pop star on the planet at the age of fifteen. She’s broken America, she’s big in Japan, she’s on top of the world… but she’s also tired of the constant touring, bored of having Big Topshop closed for her to wander alone at midnight, missing her school friends and mum.

Ruby is Naomi’s biggest fan. She knows the words to every song, she can replicate every dance move, she dreams of being Naomi’s BFF. When the girls have an unexpected encounter and swap bodies, Ruby is thrust into the limelight. Will she adore her new A-list life, or will she end up as lonely as Naomi? And will Naomi discover she can be a huge celebrity AND a normal girl after all?

Alesha says: “I am absolutely delighted to be doing a new series with Scholastic. I’ve been bitten by the book world bug – such a creative and imaginative space to work in. I can’t wait for readers to get stuck into STAR SWITCH.”

Lauren Fortune, Editorial Director at Scholastic UK, says: “We’re delighted to be publishing a brand new series from Alesha after her LIGHTNING GIRL has taken the children’s books world by storm over the past year. She is a dream to work with: hugely talented, creative and passionate about getting young people reading. It has been so wonderful seeing readers’ reactions to her books, which are a warm, entertaining celebration of diversity, courage and team work. STAR SWITCH is going to be every bit as standout – we can’t wait to launch this series next year.”

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