Ben Manley And Emma Read In The Times’ ‘Best Children’s Books of 2019’!

We are so proud of our talented children’s authors who made it into this year’s list for The Times’ ‘Best Children’s Books of 2019’.

The Misadventures of Frederick, written by Ben Manley’s and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, is a hilariously unique tale about facing your fears:

The Misadventures of Frederick (2+) by Ben Manley, illus. Emma Chichester Clark.

This is a call to the risk-averse parent and child. Its title could have been, “Get on with it — what’s the worst that can happen?” Frederick is sitting on his huge drape-laden bed in an old manor house when a paper plane flies through the window, sent from a little girl called Emily, who, as in The Secret Garden, plays the outdoorsy Mary role to Frederick’s cossetted Colin. The paper-plane correspondence between girl adventurer and boy ponderer reaches its climax as Frederick throws caution to the wind, and there is a lovely twist on the last page. Ben Manley’s words are spare and funny, and Emma Chichester Clark is one of the best illustrators working today.

Two Hoots, 32pp; £12.99

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Milton The Mighty, written by Emma Read, is a brilliant read for tiny superheroes everywhere:

Milton the Mighty: The Teeniest Super-Hero (7-9) by Emma Read

What’s it like to be a tiny false widow spider and having some hulking human scream at you when you’re on your way home from a weekend away in the downstairs loo? In this first book in a fantastic new series from Emma Read, illustrated by Alex G Griffiths, Milton the spider discovers he has been named “deadly” on social media and is the target of BugKILL. His mates, Hairy Ralph and Audrey the daddy longlegs, try to help him to clear his name as he attempts to talk to the little girl of the household, Zoe — and her arachnophobic father.

Chicken House, 208pp; £6.99

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