‘Breathe Well’ by Aimee Hartley Is Now Available To Pre-Order!

With more than 70 simple breathing exercises, tips and advice this book is perfect for helping you lead a healthier and happier life! Breathe Well is written by Aimee Hartley, a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, and will be published by Kyle Books, out in February 2020, but available to pre-order now!

We breathe around 17,000 times a day – so it’s something that we can all improve for better health and wellbeing – no equipment or fancy fitness gear necessary. Aimee’s simple and accessible exercises are designed to fit into your life – from 2 minutes in the shower to 5 minutes at your desk to be at your best before an important meeting.

Introducing breath basics and detailing why breathing properly is so important for health and wellbeing, Aimee’s simple, practical exercises easily fit into a busy day. 

Organised into sections reflecting how we spend our time – from work to sleep and eating to relationships – there are breathing exercises for the office, including how to calm your nerves before a big pitch; how our breathing has been affected by technology and how to counteract ‘tech apnea’, alongside breathing for better relationships, such as exercises to help clear the air after an argument.

Also including breaths to help you perform at your exercise peak and enhance digestion, alongside practical tips such as the top 10 plants to purify the air in your home.

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