Children's Fiction & Non-Fiction

Daniel Mohabbatein

Agent: Lorna Hemingway

Daniel Mohabbatein is an author, based in the United States, writing primarily in the Children’s Fiction space (both in verse and prose). He’s not the most flowery with words, but each collection of phrases and sentences he picks and sets to paper is treated with the utmost care and tender, ruminating conviction. His primary goal in everything he writes is for it all to come together in an honest reflection of the emotional complexity young people face in different walks of life. 

Outside of writing stories, he has a soft spot for learning languages (especially with the help of drama serials), watching crops grow (though gardening is not his strong suit), and spending time with his family (including the animal members!) – all while trying to spot hummingbirds and doves amongst the flowers outside. 

The most beautiful thing about birds like hummingbirds and doves are they know with all their heart that they’re born to fly – 

aren’t we all? 

He’s currently working on his debut, middle-grade novel (written in verse)