CJ Rivera

Agent: John Baker    

CJ Rivera is an adult dystopian author navigating the realms of high-tech turmoil and stark reality. She is crafting tales that wrestle with society’s disparities in a future that feels tantalizingly close to our own.

Prior to immersing herself in the world of speculative fiction, she enjoyed a vibrant career as a Creative Producer based in Washington, DC. Her body of work includes an array of content written and produced for CNBC, with segments featured in shows like Secret Lives of the Super Rich, The Suze Orman Show, and Power Pitch. Her expertise also extends to content creation for NBC Universal, Viacom, and the Food Network.

CJ Rivera is carving her own path in dystopian fiction, drawing on her diverse experiences, and exploring themes of power, disparity, and transformation in her writings.Angry Robot Books will publish CJ's debut dystopian fiction novel THE FINAL ORCHARD in November 2024.