G D Sanders

G D Sanders worked as a lab assistant in the research laboratory of a paper manufacturer. After gaining a BSc in Botany and Zoology, a second BSc in Psychology, a PhD, and conducting post-doctoral research on octopuses in Naples, he became a Professor of Psychology. Geoff is now retired and enjoys writing contemporary crime fiction, as it allows much more creativity than writing scientific research articles.

The Taken Girls is G D Sanders’ debut novel, published by Avon in ebook 13th December 2018, and in paperback February 2019. G D Saunders’ second novel The Victim was published in ebook on 10th June 2019 and will follow with a paperback on the 22nd August continues DI Edina Ogborne’s investigations in the city of Canterbury.

When a young woman is found dead in her own bedroom, the Canterbury police are baffled. There’s no sign of a break in, and no evidence. It’s as though the killer has vanished overnight.  DI Edina Ogborne is determined to uncover the truth, and when a brutal new case comes to light, she’s convinced the two incidents are connected. But the new victim, Gina, has her own ideas of how to bring her attacker to justice.