Natalie Lewis

Agent: Katie Fulford    

Natalie Lewis was a leading fashion pr for three decades. As an agency owner she launched brands including net-a-porter and Jimmy Choo before going on to work with several designers and high-profile clients such as Claudia Schiffer, Bella Freud and latterly Victoria Beckham. After deciding she couldn’t discuss camera angles or lighting up nostrils any longer she retired from the industry in 2020 to concentrate on writing.

Her first novel features Frankie Marks, the most unlikely fashion pr in London. Fashion isn’t her forte, she’s always hungry and sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks. As she navigates her way through a sometimes-absurd fashion world trying and failing to balance her professional and personal lives, she provides a contemporary take on insider access to the worlds of fashion and celebrity pr. Don’t Believe The Hype was published in Spring 2023.