Katie Fulford

Katie has spent nearly 30 years in the publishing industry and the last 25 years at HarperCollins in a variety of roles including Group Rights Director, Managing Director of Collins non-fiction and senior positions in William Collins and 4th Estate, Fiction and Children’s. Most recently she has worked as an Executive Producer at HarperCollins developing and producing TV programmes from HarperCollins titles. Her extensive and varied experience across a range of publishing and rights management (including US, translation, serial, TV and merchandising), puts her in a unique position to be able to work with an author to offer representation and guidance across all media and in all markets.

As a new agent, she is looking for authors in both non-fiction and fiction. In non-fiction she is always looking for a strong narrative voice and ideas based books that offer different ways of thinking about life. Also smart true crime, memoirs and books around female and family issues. Her personal interests are in history, fashion, style and sport so anything in these areas is likely to pique her interest.

In fiction, she is looking for reading group and commercial fiction. She likes reading family and relationship dramas, smart crime and thriller, and books that offer an insight into unfamiliar worlds. She won’t be considering science fiction and fantasy or children’s books.