‘Listen Up: Rule The Airwaves, Rule The School’ has arrived!

Written by Capital’s Breakfast Hosts Roman Kemp and Vick Hope in collaboration with our very own Chloe Seager, LISTEN UP is a brilliantly hilarious adventure for Middle Grade readers, published by Scholastic Books.

At their school, Arthur and Grace rein supreme: after all, they’re the cool kids. They’re also the radio kids, and between them they run the schools top two radio shows. Which means that as well as being the most popular kids, Grace and Arthur are also the biggest rivals.
So when a storm hits their school during a surprisingly popular chess tournament, and a blackoutensues, they can’t wait to scoop each other by being the first to report on the storm. But things get complicated the very next day when their teacher tells them that the real scoop isn’t the storm; it’s the missing trophy.
Suddenly Arthur and Grace are in well over their heads. But with the whole school relying on them, there’s no backing out now.

If anyone can figure out this mess, it’s Arthur and Grace. After all, if you rule the airwaves, you rule the school…

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