The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks by Emily Kenny is out now!


Happy publication day to The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks by Emily Kenny!

“It’s not your chips I’m after, Alice Tonks,” the seagull said sternly. “We’ve got a job for you.”

After a rather strange encounter with a seagull on her first day of boarding school, Alice Tonks is left with a lot of questions.
Why does the bird need her help? And WHY can she talk to seagulls?
Alice is used to being by herself but she can’t solve the mystery alone. With new friends behind her, can Alice harness her magic powers and become the hero she never imagined?

A story about finding your voice, friendship and unlikely heroes, for fans of A Kind of Spark.

Reviews for the book so far:

‘Shades of Enid Blyton and Harry Potter and a fresh, wonderful magic of its very own. Twists, turns, friends, animals and a brilliant autistic heroine called Alice Tonks. Set in a boarding school by the sea!’—Nicola Penfold, author of Where the World Turns Wild

‘A fabulous boarding school mystery with disappearing animals, twists and turns, and an amazing autistic protagonist.’—Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of Dosh

‘This is a beautiful book with the charm of goldfinches and the empathy and colours of chameleons and I really loved it… I can’t wait to see Alice out in the world, doing her magic!’—Zillah Bethell, author of A Whisper of Horses

‘Exciting, deftly plotted and full of surprises, this fantastic tale of Alice and her friends - both animal and human! - will sweep you away.’—Sinéad O’Hart, author of The Eye of the North

‘Everyone says stories have heart but The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks has heart, soul and so much spirit.’—Lindsay Galvin, author of Darwin’s Dragons

‘A tale of friendship with an autistic protagonist, by an autistic author, this promises to be a great new series.’ —Bookseller