You Can Have an Outdoor adventure with Alex Gregory!


You Can Have An Outdoor Adventure is out NOW by Alex Gregory and is part of the fun YOU CAN series by Collins.

Get active, get outdoors and get adventurous!

The how-to book for kids who love exploring. It’s easy to understand and tells them exactly what they need to know step-by-step.

• Easy-peasy tips on how to grow a tree, start a campfire, track wildlife, make a compass and lots more
• Space to scribble – make notes, draw what they’ve seen and make the book their own
• Packed with fun outdoor activities guaranteed to get them out of the house!

Kids can try lots of brilliant stuff with the fun You Can series from Collins – write awesome stories, draw brilliant pictures, grow your own food, take amazing photos, have an outdoor adventure, save the planet – there’s something for everyone!

Examples pages:

​A note from Alex:

We’re all going through something very strange. Over the course of the last few months we’ve had to adapt in ways we probably didn’t think we’d ever have to, and the thing is, the situation has been different for everyone. It’s not easy, whoever you are, but one way to make this time while we’re stuck at home more exciting is to have a home adventure!

It’s the best way for everyone, children and adults to join in together, ignite imaginations, expend a bit of energy and create some happy memories together. We all know how long the days can be when our children need constant attention. We all get stuck for ideas so, instead of reaching for the remote, here is a collection of activities that will entertain everyone and break up those long days into manageable chunks. Whether it’s on the balcony, in the garden or during your daily walk there’s something for everyone!