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60 Postcards in Australia!

We are delighted to see the relaunch of Rachael Chadwick’s beautiful and moving 60 Postcards project. In 2012, after suddenly losing her mother to cancer, Rachael travelled to Paris where she left 60 handwritten postcards around the city in her memory. Accompanied by a blog, this heartfelt project was turned into a book, published by Simon and Schuster […]

Blood On The Sand – The New Novel From Michael Jecks

Yesterday saw the publication of Blood On The Sand, the thrilling second novel in the new Hundred Years War series by master of the historical adventure, Michael Jecks. Following on from Fields of Glory, Blood On The Sand takes readers back to the Siege of Calais, 1346. Berenger Fripper and his men are stationed in the ancient port city, […]

Happy Publication Day for Rachael Chadwick and 60 Postcards Paperback Edition!

We ‘re wishing Rachael Chadwick a very happy publication day, as the beautiful paperback edition of her memoir 60 Postcards, hits shelves this morning! The heartfelt and uplifting story of how a project to scatter 60 Postcards in memory of her mother helped a young girl come to terms with her loss. On 11 February […]

60 Postcards Turns 2 and Blogging for the Huffington Post

We’re so excited that Rachael Chadwick, author of the fantastic 60 Postcards, has joined the team of talented writers blogging for the Huffington Post! She has already shared her views on ‘Thirty Ways You Know You’re Thirty’ and ‘Milestones and Tributes; Missing Loved Ones This Christmas’ for her HuffPost blog and we can’t wait to see what her next […]