Children's Fiction & Non-Fiction

Judy Wise

Agent: Lauren Gardner Agent: Lorna Hemingway

Judy lived in many different places growing up – picking up LOTS of accents along the way.

A lover of everything from ballroom dancing to horticulture and crafts (‘Strictly come sewing at the Chelsea flower show’ is her TV dream!), Judy was never sure what she wanted to do. She worked everywhere from a school to an auctioneers, before finding PR and communications, which re-ignited her love of writing.

Judy left her much-loved role managing communications for a national children’s charity when her youngest was born, and it was reading countless stories to her children one VERY stormy holiday in February, that she finally knew what she wanted to do (beyond being able to change the weather, of course).

Now living in rural Northamptonshire with her family, and two cheeky guinea pigs – Binky and Buttercup – Judy adores writing stories for children… and the funny ones are her absolute favourites!

Judy is a neurodiverse author, and proud EDS warrior.