Children's Fiction & Non-Fiction

Poppy T. Perry

Agent: John Baker

As an individual fuelled on caffeine, high BMP tunes and nervous energy, Poppy (she/her) is a magnet to anything fast-paced and playful. She collects chaos like a magpie collects shiny things. This creates a fun chaotic energy that is a key element in her Young Adult storytelling.

When not writing, Poppy can be found reading YA novels, comics, or drawing while listening to REALLY LOUD MUSIC. 

Poppy has come out as queer more times than she cares to remember but found she kept being shoved back into the closet. Each time she had to build up the courage to climb out again, and it was exhausting. The last time Poppy came out, she took an axe to her own personal closet and smashed it to splinters before setting it alight, just for good measure. The resulting desire to break down heteronormative worldviews and help others find the confidence to live their best life is at the heart of her work.

Poppy lives as a landlocked mermaid in the West Midlands, taking every opportunity to run away to the coast. She also works as a consulting artist and art technician at a sixth-form college, where she loves helping young creatives.