Anna Lewis

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Anna Lewis is a writer and artist from Cornwall. Over the last decade she has been best known commercially for her poignant and funny Sketchy Muma series. The Sketchy Muma work connected with parents worldwide and led to her debut book, a very successful online shop and many collaborations with brands and well-known media influencers. Anna has always kept other creative projects bubbling away in the background, though, and is now developing her passion for storytelling and picture book making. Anna is interested in developing characters that readers can truly connect with and want to discover more about. Living on the wild Cornish coast, Anna is invigorated by the energy of the sea and spends much of her time immersed in the natural world which gives her imagination the space to dream up new stories and ideas.

Her debut book Sketchy Muma: What it means to be a Mother was published by Quercus in October 2017.

Praise for Sketchy Muma:

'Anna's sketches never fail to put a smile on my face and make my heart a little warmer.' GIOVANNA FLETCHER