Picture Books

Karen McDonald

Agent: Lorna Hemingway

Scottish author and artist Karen McDonald has enjoyed publishing success with short stories for adults and an educational book.

Karen believes that children’s books are especially important: They are a gateway to lifelong learning and a window to a world of diversity.

Inspired by folklore and natural wonders, Karen likes to write stories that connect readers with the magical world around them. She scribbles to a soundtrack of lo-fi with a steady stream of tea and snacks.

Karen’s a proud devoted mother to three children and one dachshund. The outdoors play a big part in her storytelling and she finds walking her lazy sausage dog is often the best way to boost creativity. She loves ‘bonnie’ gardens too but describes trying to tame her own as testing and wishes the neighbouring chickens were as efficient at weeding as they are eating.

A previous career in graphic design has been helpful in preparing Karen for the world of children’s publishing and she is excited to be turning a new page.