Picture Books

Mojca is a Slovene artist whose pseudonym is Mocculere for her artwork and writing. Although Mojca now works full-time as a freelance illustrator, she used to work as a waitress and salesperson for some time. She spent her breaks doodling on post-it notes, sketching down ideas for her next project, and sometimes hiding behind the cashier or bar counter so she wouldn’t get caught. Mojca’s artwork reflects her interest in human behaviour, communication, and the cycle of life. Often she finds inspiration by observing her surroundings and the lives of others around her. Her favourite things to draw are quirky animals, children, and random objects (like a pencil sharpener!) In her art, she mainly uses pencils, wax crayons, and pens in combination with digital software. She’s always experimenting with different media, trying to find the best one for each drawing.

When Mojca’s not drawing or absent-mindedly making up another story, she’s reading fictional novels, baking, watching old films (especially if Cary Grant is starring in them), taking trips, exploring nature, and occasionally sewing puppets.