Picture Books

After studying translation and interpretation of French and Spanish at university, Rachel found a job in a translation office but quickly decided that proofreading kitchen appliance manuals was not the life for her. She took off on an indefinite trip around the world with her backpack, laptop and sketch books, and repurposed her language skills into finding adventures in far flung places.

Filling her sketchbooks with doodles of the people she met and the places she went, she started to get commissions for murals, illustrations and logos which allowed her to keep travelling and exploring. She spent the next 8 years of her life working nomadically as a freelance artist and graphic designer, alongside part time seasonal work in spectacular places. Last year she decided to focus on children’s illustration and has since been growing her portfolio and developing her ideas for the stories she wants to share.


Now settled back in her bonnie homeland of Scotland, any time that isn’t spent illustrating or scribbling down ideas for stories, is spent soaking up inspiration in nature or with her nose buried in a good book.