A. M. Shine

Agent: John Baker    

A. M. Shine is an author of Literary Horror from the west of Ireland. It was there that at a young age he discovered a passion for classic horror stories, and where he received his Masters in history, before ultimately sharpening his quill to pursue a life devoted to all things literary and macabre. His writing is inspired by the trinity of horror, history, and superstition, and he has tormented, toyed with, and tortured more characters than he will ever confess to.

Owing to a fascination with the works of Edgar Allan Poe and his ilk, A. M. Shine’s earlier writings were Gothic in their style and imagination. When his focus turned to novels he refined his craft as an author of Irish horror – stories influenced by his country’s culture, landscape, and language, but which draw their dark atmosphere and eloquence from the Gothic canon of his past.

A. M. Shine’s first book, The Watchers was published in October 2021 by Aries, his second title The Creeper published in September 2022!

M. Night Shyamalan's Blinding Edge Productions acquired the cinematic rights to The Watchers in November 2021 and the film has been written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan, ahead of a June 2024 cinematic release by New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers. Al consulted heavily on the project and is very excited to see the finished result.